Hannah Dunn and her team believe that beauty is in the eyes of the upholsterer! We love and appreciate vintage and antique furniture and share our customer and client’s visions to reupholster old world treasures, to create new world chair charm.

We create Armchairs with Attitude. We use unique, eye-catching, bold and tasteful fabrics to create statement furniture pieces. At Madame Chair, we believe that restoring an old armchair, chair, dining chair, lounge or sofa is the work of turning a forgotten piece of furniture into a refreshing work of art!

What we do

Madame Chair is an emerging Australian brand that is building a name for itself for high quality upholstery, fabric selection and furniture restoration. We also offer an inventory of pre-loved antique and vintage furniture for sale, for reupholstery according to our client’s taste and aspirations.

Who we are

A corporate-ladder climber, Hannah Dunn inherited her Great Grand Grandmother Minetta’s tired green velvet antique Louis XV Rococo Armchair from her mother back in 2015. She wanted to restore the chair to it’s original glory and re-create the grandeur of her Great Grandmother’s era.

During the journey of restoring and reupholstering this old family heirloom, she met and fell in love with a third generation German furniture designer, upholsterer and fabric manufacturer.  Their love of each other and of restoring chairs led her to found Madame Chair Furniture.

How it works

We work with local Sydney and online clients on furniture restoration and reupholstery projects. Some our our customers come to us to purchase newly restored and reupholstered pieces, other clients use our expertise to restore and reupholster their own chairs and heirlooms.

The first step in all our projects is a consultation, followed by a detailed project design proposals. From there, we calculate the purchase costs of the fabric and labour, and provide a detailed quotation and break down of costs, before getting your agreement to proceed with the project.

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